Review: The Ruby Knight by David Eddings
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therubyknight-dePublisher: Del Rey Fantasy
Published: December 1, 1991
Copyright: 1990
Pages: 372
Form: Paperback
Series: Elenium (2)
Author: Site | Facebook
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The Magic Bhelliom

Ehlana, Queen of Elenia, had been poisoned.  A deep enchantment sustained her life, but only while the Pandion Knights aiding it still lived–and already they were dying, one each month.

Then Sparhawk, Knight and the Queen’s Champion learned that the cure for the poison was the Bhelliom, the great jewel lost when Sarak of Thalesia died in battle, five hundred years before.

Sparhawk and his companions set forth to find King Sarak’s grave by raising ghosts of those who had perished in that ancient battle.  The Seeker, an insectile monster spawned of the evil of God Azash, hounded their every step.  Still Sparhawk pressed on, driven by desperate need.  The had to find Bhelliom before his queen could perish.  They must not fail!

My Thoughts

The Ruby Knight picks up right where The Diamond Throne leaves off.  Sparhawk and his companions continue their search for a cure for Princess Ehlana.  Finding that Bhelliom is the only thing powerful enough to accomplish this, they set off in search of it.

This book is pretty much more of the same, but the personalities of Sparhawk and his companions are given more shine and depth.  They are all so much more developed and, if you can believe it, even more likable than in the previous book.  The standouts for me are little enchanting Flute, mischievous and street smart thief, Talen, and of course the ever clever brute and Pandion Knight, Sparhawk.

With the political race for the new Archprelate heating up, Sparhawk and friends must navigate their way through ghosts, seekers, and the devious plans and schemes of God Azash and his minions to discover Bhelliom’s resting place.  Rescuing it from it’s previous owner proves to be more difficult than they expected, but Sparhawk and friends do not have quitting spirits.

Overall I had fun reading this and followed up by reading the last and final book in the Elenium series.

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2 Responses to “Review: The Ruby Knight by David Eddings”

  1. Lekeisha says:

    Since my library doesn’t have The Diamond Throne, I added it to my cart on Amazon and got the mass market paperback for cheap. I’m dying to read this series. So glad that you are loving it. Great review!

    • Jade Jade says:

      Oh wow, I’m glad you bought it. I really did enjoy the series. I think the characters made it for me. They were so entertaining and easy to root for. Not perfect by any means, but people you could get behind.