Movie Review: Jumping the Broom
Monday May 16, 2011 at 12:00 am |

My Thoughts:

I went to see Jumping the Broom yesterday with my mother and sister and I must say I really enjoyed myself. While I wouldn’t classify this film as a classic like Love and Basketball, it was still very good and entertaining.

Jumping the Broom is the tried and true story of upscale folks versus regular folks. Jason (Laz Alonso) proposes to his girlfriend of five months, Sabrina (Paula Patton). They rush the wedding because she gets a career opportunity in China that she can’t pass up. So everybody convenes to Martha’s Vineyard for the wedding and rehearsal dinner where the problems, issues, and comedy ensues. As the events unfold and secrets are revealed, the couple must decide whether to let their family’s burdens destroy them or make them stronger.

This a light film with great dialogue and plenty of comical situations. I appreciate that the film touches on many of the stereotypes that people have about black people, and the sterotypes and ideologies black people have about themselves. This film highlights the need for boundaries within your relationships and how far one is willing to let their family go to help or sabatoge their relationships. There is also a bit of history within the film to go along with the many misconceptions and the lovely eye candy.

The men were handsome and the women were beautiful. There was a colorful cast of characters who all brought something worthwhile to the film. Romeo is just as cute has he can be while Pooch Hall has a great body and a beautiful smile. Mike Epps kept me in stitches and Angela Bassett and Loretta Divine were awesome and entertaining as usual.

The only two things I didn’t like was that every time Jason and Lisa kissed it looked as if they were trying to eat each other’s faces, and the fact that T.D. Jakes was in the film. His lisp irritates me to no end, so I wish they had gotten someone else to play his part. Other than that, great film with a great cast. I defintely reccommend you all go out and see this movie. You’re going to love it if you do!

My Rating:

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4 Responses to “Movie Review: Jumping the Broom”

  1. I miss Love and Basketball. I haven’t seen this. It didn’t feel like too many characters in the movie? Sometimes I think these types of movies go overboard. Give me two great characters and 2 subcharacters and I’m good. I don’t need all the madness. Thanks for sharing. I do want to see this one.

  2. Lena says:

    I loved Jumping the Broom. It was funny and charming. I at times didn’t like Sabrina, she behaved bratty and it irked me. But I loved everything else. It wasn’t over the top or silly. It was just heartfelt and tender and I think we need more films like that. I miss the old African American films like Love and Basketball, The Brothers and Two Can Play that Game. Those were the best.

  3. Jade jadaloves says:

    @ Alexis, I thought it would be too many characters as well, but everybody had their lane and played their parts well. It wasn’t crammed, forcd or jumbled. The movie had a nice flow, even with all the characters.

    @ Lena, I agree, I miss all those good movies that used to come out on the regular. We need more good black movies. And we need to actually go and support them so we can get more!

  4. So glad to hear it’s good.

    Girl you cracked me UP with that eat each others face thing. LOL!