F.A.M.E. Review – Deluxe Edition
Thursday March 24, 2011 at 7:55 pm |

Deuces:  Love this track although I’d love more singing and less rapping.  That’s the only thing that would make this track better.  Otherwise it bangs…beat is on point.

Up To You: Nice sweet song that showcases Chris’ vocal range.  Nice mellow tempo, can totally chill out to this track.

No BS: Very sultry and sensual track.  Chris puts it down with a nice slow groove on this cut.  Definitely a Midnight Love type of track.

Look At Me Now:  This beat is bananas!  Love thi track…Chris seems to be trying out his rapping abilit and it’s not half bad…but Busta Ryhmes straight MURDERS it!  He made the song very enjoyable, Busta is in rare form on this track.

She Ain’t You: Really like this cut.  Chris samples Michael Jackson’s Human Nature for this track and does a good job with it.  The only thing I’m not fond of is the chick wailing in the background.  Otherwise, sweet smooth track with a old school feel good beat.

Say It With Me & Yeah 3x: Both have very techno beats.  Very uptempo and cuts you could dance to.

All Back: A slow introspective track.  Very chill and laid back song that seems to reminisce about a great love he regret not having any longer.

Wet The Bed:  Is exactly what it sounds like.  Another nasty, sensual track that could easily fit into Midnight Love.  Definitely grown folk music.

Oh My Love: Another uptempo technoish dance track.

Should’ve Kissed You:  Cute song whose sound is reminiscent of his very first album.  Love it.

Beautiful People:  Another uptempo technoish banger.  I could so see myself grooving to this in a crowded club with the strobe lights going.

Bomb: Uptempo track that makes me think of the islands.  The beat is tight on this track.

Love The Girls: Easy sounding track that you can dance or chill to.

Paper, Scissors, Rock: Midtempo track that will make you bop your head to the beat.

Beg For It: Another one for the Midnight Love soundtrack.  Slow and sexy grown folks music that will surely put you in the mood.

Frankly I haven’t enjoyed an album from Chris Brown this much since his first album was released.  I daresay that this album gives us a peek at a more grown up and adult Chris Brown.  While his previous two albums had nice singles, I couldn’t get through the whole album without wanting to skip a few tracks.  But the first and FAME keep my head bobbing and my fingers safely away from the skip button.  Go out and grab this one!



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