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Why I Love Wednesdays: Favorite Childhood Friend
Wednesday July 27, 2011 at 12:00 am |

Why I Love Wednesdays is a weekly meme created and hosted by Alexis of Reflections of a Bookaholic. Each week she posts a Why I Love Topic that she answers. If you would like to participate head on over to her site for the topic and the image. This week’s topic:

Favorite Childhood Friend:

Ummm if I’m being honest I’ll have to say that I’m not sure what that means. I’m not sure if it was someone I discussed and read books with when I was younger or just my favorite childhood friend period. But I had several. I loved all my cousins cause we all hung out together. And there is one girl I’ve been cool with since 5th grade. She and I used to read and compare books all the time. Especially any V.C. Andrews in about 6th grade. We moved on to Roots and Queen by Alex Haley once we hit seventh grade.

Who were you’re childhood friends and did you all share books and stories?

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Written by Jade

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7 Responses to “Why I Love Wednesdays: Favorite Childhood Friend”

  1. BookBelle says:

    Jade: I love your answer! I went with a literary friend and chose Betsy from Betsy, Tacy and Tib stories.

  2. I wanted to be friends with Lucy from the Chronicles of Narnia.

  3. jade i thought the same as you, a childhood friend. then i thought again, maybe in a book way, a childhood book friend. so I went with that which left me without an answer. Now a childhood friend who loved to read i would say my cousin veronica. although i didnt do much novel reading then, i was a comic book fan.

  4. haha! I’m sorry I wasn’t clear. I mean favorite book childhood friend 🙂 Oopsy! Love your answer though.

  5. Jade Jade says:

    @ Belle, I haven’t heard of those books but now I’m going to have to look them up.

    @ JuJu, I haven’t read the Chronicles yet but I do love the movies and Lucy is adorable.

    @ Alexis, tee hee, my bad. But I guess it’s good I went with that cause I might be here all day liting characters I loved from my childhood books.

  6. I picked a classic. Little Women. It’s a neat book.

  7. Risa says:

    A childhood friend was what I thought this one was about as well. Until I read the host’s answer.:) ….this one’s great though! I can’t recall ever having discussed books with my childhood friends. I always talked about them with my mother and sister. However, I do remember the days when I was crazy about The Hardy Boys and the whole school knew!!…good times.:D

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