Throwback Thursday: Little Monsters
Thursday October 13, 2011 at 12:00 am |


Little Monsters!

How wickedly cool and cute was this movie?  In it we find a young Fred Savage befriending a mischievous monster who only appears at night.  He discovers a whole new world full of monsters underneath his bed and helps Maurice and his friends pull pranks on all his classmates that ever gave him grief. But when Brian finds himself becoming a monster, he has to decide between his newly discovered world and friendship, and his family.  Another cool fact is that his real brother, Ben Savage of Boy Meets World fame, plays his brother in this movie.  This movie was full of childhood greatness and imagination.  Me and my brother used to love this movie as kids and I still enjoy watching it to this day.




Anybody else ever watch this movie as a kid?  Any other movies come to mind that you loved in your childhood?

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3 Responses to “Throwback Thursday: Little Monsters”

  1. Missie says:

    OMG! I was so in love with Fred Savage, so of course I gobbled up all this movies! Loved this one. I thought that monster was sooo cool looking.