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Guest Post: Author Brenda Youngerman
Thursday September 1, 2011 at 12:00 am |

Hi everybody, I want to welcome Author and Blog Buddy Brenda Youngerman to my little site. I asked Brenda if she would honor me with a guest post and she agreed! YAY! I’m excited because she is my first ever Author Guest Post and I appreciate her for it. Brenda writes what she calls fiction with a purpose, and I wanted her to explain what she wanted her works to say or speak to. The following is her response!

Fiction With A Purpose

When I was a child I used to read – a lot! I’m not quite sure when I started; I just know that I always had a book by my side. I would get lost in the lives of the characters. Nancy Drew was one of my favorites and I could usually figure out what was going on at about the same time she did. Then I progressed to Agatha Christie and to this day still have very fond memories of going up and down the aisles of the local library looking at the spines of books trying to decide if they were would be good or not. Sometimes they were; sometimes they weren’t.

By the time I got into high school I was turned on to the classics – Dickens, Steinbeck, Austen, Ingalls just to name a few. Like everyone else I had my favorites. I think the beauty of being an author and being a reader is the ability to pick and choose between so many different writing styles and genres.

I have always been drawn to stories of real people living real lives and doing the best they can – albeit there has to be a sense of adventure while they are doing it or it would be boring…but then isn’t that what life is all about anyway?

I don’t believe I ever envisioned myself as an author; but now I cannot envision myself as anything else. I believe there are so many stories to be told and so many purposes to bring to light that it is my purpose on this place to do this. We are all here for a reason…and this is mine.

When my first novel came out — Private Scars – I had only hoped that one person would read the book and realize that they were not alone in their plight and would discover that others were out there and help was available. The feedback overwhelmed me and I continued. Since then I have published a book a year – each with a different social topic wound neatly within a gripping story. Private Scars and Public Lies both tackled the very difficult subject of domestic abuse. Hidden Truths was about children hiding the abuses of their parents and discussed people doing the wrong things for the right reasons. I tackled the topic of the homeless in Sorrowed Souls and children’s death, teen suicide and abandonment issues in Restored Hope. My latest novel, Disrupted Lives looks at adoption, racial discrimination and social injustices.

I am often asked if my stories are real. One of my goals is to have my readers finish a book and believe the story to be true. I want to be able to weave a story that is so realistic, that gets into the heart, soul and mind of a character that you, the reader, feel what they feel – because after all, art does mimic life.

My hope is that when a reader completes a Youngerman novel the story stays with them after the book has finished and the social implications don’t go away. I write Fiction with a Purpose. We all share this world. It is just as easy to be kind to each other as it is not to be….why not pick up a book with a purpose and come along for the ride?

Thanks so much Brenda for stopping by and honoring me with my first author guest post! I hope the readers came away with an understanding of your work. Also, Brenda’s latest novel Disrupted Lives will be going on a blog tour soon. Please click HERE  for the tour dates.

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Written by Jade

Jade is a book blogger from NC. In her spare time she loves to read and build and maintain websites. She has been reading since she was four and building websites since she was 16. SortofBeautiful.com was born on March 8, 2011 and is a fantastic merging of her two favorite hobbies. Enjoy your stay!

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10 Responses to “Guest Post: Author Brenda Youngerman”

  1. Brenda says:

    Hi Jade,
    I am so honored to be the first author guest post on your site!
    Thanks for having me. I hope this answered some questions about who I am and what I write!
    Thanks again!

  2. Missie says:

    “It is just as easy to be kind to each other as it is not to be.”

    How very true. I always try to keep this in mind because a little bit of kindness goes a long way.

    Lovely guest post. I’m always after stories that stay with you. Makes the reading experience well worth it.

  3. Lena says:

    Great post. I like Nancy Drew too. Although it’s been such a long time I can’t remember anything about them. Ms. Youngerman you did a great job guest blogging. And it was nice to share what writing fiction with a purpose is. Very insightful.

  4. Jade Jade says:

    @ Missie – what an awesome quote that was and so true. The world needs a little bit more kindness.

    @ Brenda – thanks so much for doing this for me! I’m glad to have you here and sharing with the readers all the reasons why you write Fiction with a Purpose.

    @ Lena – You know I never got into Nancy Drew but feel like I really missed out on something special.

  5. I never really got into Nancy Drew books when I was little. I wonder what I missed out on. Great guest post!

  6. Thanks Lena…and Mrs. Q — and as far as Nancy Drew goes — well they are a great way to introduce young girls into reading!

    and Jade….this is absolutely my pleasure!

  7. Hi Jade, glad to know you are in full swing!! enjoyed your guest interview with Brenda Y. I also enjoyed her novel, Disrupted Lives, I was an participate in her blog tour and posted a review on my blog. Very good book!!
    To all, Stop by and read my review of Brends’s book,
    Disrupted LIves