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Publisher: Penguin
Copyright: 2006
Published: September 5,  2006
Pages: 288
Form: Paperback
Series: A Psychic Eye Mystery (4)
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Died to Match

When her relationship with FBI agent Dutch Rivers skids to a halt, Abby Cooper is fully aware that a wedding isn’t the best post-breakup scenario. But when a friend from the Mile High City finds herself short one bridesmaid, it doesn’t take a professional psychic to see the opportunity for a much-needed getaway.

High altitudes can be healing, and Abby reunites with friends—especially her childhood crush Duffy McGinnis, now town sheriff…not to mention tall, dark, and yummy. But Abby needs more than a shoulder to cry on. One bridesmaid after the next is mysteriously flying the coop, and Abby’s intuition tells her their final destinations aren’t pretty.

With the wedding party falling apart and her gift of sight never quite so foggy, Abby has to save the date—and herself from becoming the next taffeta-clad target….

My Thoughts:

Recovering from a devastating break-up with her FBI agent boyfriend, Dutch Rivers, Abby decides to take a much needed vacation by volunteering to sub for her friend’s errant bridesmaid.  But when her childhood crush asks for her help with the mystery of the missing bridesmaid, Abby finds herself in much deeper than she anticipated, and bridesmaids seem to be disappearing one by one.  With evidence pointing to the fiance of her friend, Abby is even more determined to help solve the case.

Abby really is a great gal.  But sometimes she jumps head first into decisions without taking the time to examine all angles or thinking them through.  And sometimes she ignores or disregards her psychic inklings only to reap nasty consequences later.  She does this way too much for my liking.  You would think after the third or so time she would know that her inklings should not be ignored because it usually means danger for her or someone she loves.  But otherwise she’s still just as lovable, quirky, and kind as she was in previous books.

The actual mystery of this book was pretty interesting as it involved characters and circumstances that continuously kept me guessing and throwing me off the path.  The clues and evidence was timed nicely, and I like how everything tied together.  While I enjoyed the mystery and the outcome, I was a bit disappointed in WHY it all occurred.  I guess I was just hoping for a more in depth explanation and some more background on the perpetrator and their motivations behind it all.  The why of it all just wasn’t very exciting but I at least enjoyed the journey in getting to the conclusion.

Overall, this was a decent book.  The mystery and the story was enjoyable and Abby is a joy to read about.  Although she can be infuriating at times, I still think she’s a great character.  Though I liked the novel, I will admit to not being into this one as much as the previous books in this series.  I will, however, be continuing with this series in hopes that it will regain it’s previous momentum.

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6 Responses to “Review: Killer Insight by Victoria Laurie”

  1. I think that some of the smallest personality quirks in characters can become more annoying over time when the character is in a series. I think it is often the reason I stop following a series.

  2. Sophia says:

    Lovely review, Jade! I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t like this book as much as you did the previous ones. But I’m glad that you still enjoyed the read! These books look fun and cute. I’ll have to check them out, despite the fact that Abby can get annoying. Thanks for the great review, Jade! 🙂

  3. I love it when you can find an enjoyable mystery book! Even though the serious and intense ones are really cool to read, sometimes you just want to have fun while reading a mystery book! 😉 And this series sounds like a dead ringer for a cool & fun & awesome mystery series! Abby sounds really lovable and quirky even though she did some not-so-smart things. I find that mystery heroines tend to be prone to that haha! x)

    Awesome review, Jade! <3 Hopefully this series only gets better for you!

  4. I love the book covers in this series. I have not read a series yet but I am looking forward to placing a few on my book list. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  5. Harvee says:

    I haven’t read nay of this author as yet, but the cozies do sound good

  6. smalhet says:


    […]Review: Killer Insight by Victoria Laurie | Sort of Beautiful[…]…

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