Review: Better Read Than Dead by Victoria Laurie
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Publisher: Penguin
Copyright: 2005
Published: June 7, 2005
Pages: 296
Form: Paperback
Author: Victoria Laurie
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It’s autumn in Detroit, and psychic intuitive Abby Cooper is falling to pieces. She was about to nestle into her cozy, almost-renovated new house-and into the arms of FBI agent Dutch Rivers. Then, faster than you can say trick ot treat, her plans fell apart with one phone call…

As a favor for a friend, Abby agrees to read tarot cards at a wedding and finds herself predicting the future for some very shady guests. Word of her talents reaches a Mob boss who wants her help in some business matters, and he doesn’t take no for an answer. Then the police seek out her psychic intuition to shed light on a masked man who’s been attacking women, and Abby’s working for both sides of the law. With all of Dutch’s time going to a big FBI case and his sultry new partner, Abby’s on her own, leading her to wonder: Why didn’t I see this coming?

My Thoughts:

This was a fantastic book. I enjoyed it from start to finish. First and foremost I love Abby Cooper. She is such a strong character, beautifully written by Laurie. She has a distinct personality and a very interesting psychic gift. She is a strong, no-nonsense type of gal, and dare I say Abby don’t take no shit. She’s a fighter with an inherent will to survive and compassion and steel to see justice dispensed.She’s a very unique character with enough quirks and flaws to make her interesting.

I also really like Dutch Rivers and Milo Johnson as well. Although Dutch still remains a bit of a mystery to me, I think that’s what draws me to his character. And Milo is just the nicest guy with the biggest heart. I love how he steps in to look after Abby when Dutch has to leave.

While reading this book I felt as if I was walking in Abby’s shoes. Emotionally I went through everything she did and experienced everything she went through. I was taken on a rollercoaster ride,  feeling everything she did from panic to sheer exhaustion! Laurie really draws you into the story and gets you invested in lives of these characters.

The story itself was woven together intricately so that every little detail ended up mattering and coming into play within the novel. Even down to a broken attic window. Everything had a purpose and was not just arbitrarily thrown into the story. I loved that!  The actual mystery was beyond intriguing and all parts of the story tied together nicely for a bang-a-rang conclusion! LOVE LOVE LOVED it! Go get it!

My Rating:

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6 Responses to “Review: Better Read Than Dead by Victoria Laurie”

  1. Fab review! So yes, I’m convince and i want to read this too. There just isn’t enough time in the world for everything that I want to read *sigh.* Such is life, I guess.

  2. Jade says:

    @ Alexis…I feel you hon. There just aren’t enough hours in the day for everything.

  3. Samantha says:

    Looks like a good one! And joining in on the conversation- my thoughts exactly! So many books…

  4. Missie says:

    I’ve come across some wild character names but Dutch Rivers… umm… That is different. LOL

    Based on the cover, I wouldn’t expected too much emotion or things you could relate to in this book. I’m glad to know I’d be wrong.

    Great review, J!

  5. Jade jadaloves says:

    @ Samantha…sometimes it’s exhausting just to think about right?

    @ Missie that is quite a unique name. But there is something about it that I like. I didn’t expect to be taken through such turmoil reading this book, but reading it I felt like I was Abby.

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